We first came across the new Charlcombe development at Tyning Meadows in January 2018. At that stage most of the properties were in the early stages of construction, though there was plenty of information on floor plans, finished specification etc.. We really fell for the combination of modern design, modern building standards , high quality finish and a superb location on the edge of open country, with the city centre just a very short drive or a pleasant walk along the canal side.

There was enough of the show house built to get a good sense of what the finished houses would look like. John, the technical director, walked us round the house and explained many of the technical features built into the design – highly impressive, advanced and practical for a modern comfortable lifestyle. We decided to commit straight away in February.

A number of features we wanted were incorporated into the final fit, including a special request from me to excavate a pit for a future garden pond!

We pressed John to give us a realistic estimate of completion date for our house – 6 months out he told us end September. We moved in on October 1st! This is a superb reflection of the skills of the whole team in delivering their projects on time.

We have been in now for a little over 3 weeks. The house is superb. The quality of the finish is first class. The team on site could not be more helpful. We are so very pleased with the house and Charlcombe and look forward to many years here.