Like many people making the move from London to Bath, we spent a lot of time looking at all of the options and types of housing stock. A new build was definitely not first on the list as we did not want the feeling of buying something characterless or run of the mill especially in a city with such beautiful houses. We had looked at Charlcombe Homes houses on the internet whilst in London before we moved but did not actually look seriously until some time in Bath, and perhaps the only regret we have is not looking earlier. Our first impressions were hugely enhanced by the fact that owners of other house were delighted to let John show us around and were independently happy to talk in glowing terms of their experience. Our experience of designing and building our home with John, Alastair and the team has been similarly excellent and we really could not have had better partners. Even when designing a house within some defined parameters there are many decisions to make and the team were incredibly patient, always full of ideas and enduringly tolerant of our changing minds!! The most impressive aspect, however, was the attention to detail and focus on quality throughout the experience – I remember John saying clearly that he wanted to build houses they are proud of and we can only support that desire with our experience in practice. We have been fortunate to watch the journey of our house through many visits over the months – now it is finished we appreciate the detail and quality which has gone into it; the finishes are excellent, the house incredibly warm, solid and soundless and the small touches and thought in design add to our love for the place we now live. We have previously experienced the frustrations of working with the building trade but our experience of working with the team at Charlcombe has been absolutely excellent in every respect and one we thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish