In the last week we have agreed sales on three of our houses!

Lansdown Ridge

We are delighted to have agreed a sale on the Tower House, the last remaining house on this development!


We have agreed a sale of Plot 3 on our Crownhill development. This leaves just two houses available on this site and we are seeing strong interest in these. At just under £1M these five bedroom houses represent fantastic value for money and will be available for occupation in July / August of this year.


We have agreed a sale of Plot 1 on a Bespoke Build basis. Having agreed sales of Plots 3 & 5 on the same basis, this leaves just two plots available. We plan to start on site in June, so anyone interested on a Bespoke basis needs to move quickly! The end value of these houses is in the order of £1.5 – £1.6M. This site is very secluded and enjoys fantastic views. Finished houses will be ready towards the end of 2014.