At Charlcombe Homes we are firm believers in ‘benevolent capitalism’ and in doing our bit to help others less fortunate than ourselves, as well as supporting local communities.

We are involved in a number of different projects and community initiatives.

Hope Builders

We are very aware that we are privileged to be building houses at the top end of the market in Bath and that all of us in the UK are fortunate to have access to quality housing. Many others around the world are less fortunate and, in order to do ‘our bit’ to try to help alleviate this problem, we have decided to become ‘Hope Builders’ in partnership with the Charity, Habitat for Humanity.

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Kenya Thriving

Homes For Orphans Project. Kenya Thriving believe that it is every child’s right to be loved and nurtured during their formative years, to live in an environment where they can thrive, and know that they are safe and protected. Unfortunately, not every child has that opportunity.

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Genesis Trust

Offering hope, support and a future to homeless and vulnerable people in Bath.

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The Gateway Centre

The Gateway Centre is a community centre run for the benefit of local residents in the Snow Hill and London Road area.

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We are proud to be sponsors of the Lansdown Tennis Club Men’s First Team and the St Stephen’s School Tag Rugby Team.

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St Stephen’s School Tag Rugby Team

Lansdown Tennis Club Men’s First Team