Lansdown Ridge, Bath

The owners of this site already had a detailed planning consent for two houses, and had failed in an attempt to get planning for a large single house and an office building. They were going to sell the site with the existing consent, crystallising a substantial loss in the process, when we were introduced to them.

Having carried out a thorough analysis with our professional team we concluded that, with careful re-profiling of the site, it would be possible to get consent for four houses. Having agreed a conditional purchase arrangement, with our taking on the cost and risk of obtaining planning, we proceeded to do just that. In fact, our application (which took several months to prepare) was approved under delegated authority in just over eight weeks.

The uplift in value created by the additional houses meant that the landowners more than recouped all of their expenditure at the outset and also enjoyed a further return return by way of an overage arrangement on completion of the development.

Please see a testimonial from the landowner here.